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ANOTHER Famous Actor Comes Out Swinging Against Obama – Is There A BIG Change Coming?

ben stein

Ben Stein, former presidential speechwriter, game show host, and comedic icon from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, took President Obama to task during a recent radio interview.

Stein referred to the President as a “bad joke,” said he’s “a very real danger” to our nation, and even went so far as to say he “has a real strong hatred for America.”

Did you hear that Mr. President? You just got called out. Obama? … Obama? …

Via The Blaze:

“Mr. Obama has been wrong from day one about ISIS. He called them a JV team, he said that they weren’t really serious or important. He has not, in any sense, addressed their threat,” Stein said. “And he is a bad joke, as the leader of the most important nation in the world, he’s a bad joke.”

When Malzberg mentioned radio host Rush Limbaugh’s comments Tuesday that “Obama is a danger to the safety of this nation,” Stein responded, ”Oh, he’s a very real danger.”

Stein added that he believes there is “no question” that President Obama “does not wish America well” and “has a real strong hatred of America.”

Stein said that when it comes to being a leader, when it comes time to take on America’s enemies, Obama is “missing in action.”

Actually one point of contention – America would be better off, and more willing to fight our enemies, if the President was nowhere to be found.

Comment: Do you think President Obama has an actual hatred of America? Why? And what examples can you give that demonstrate that hatred? Tell us below.


Comments on “ANOTHER Famous Actor Comes Out Swinging Against Obama – Is There A BIG Change Coming?”

  1. Rita says:

    Where to start hum, working at division of our Country but race baiting and actually starting war on our Police Officers. Even his wife got in on the race baiting act with her commencement speeches to studies about being black. Even recently BO makes remark about being Mulsim how Christians need to get over it. After all USA is now a Mulsim country according to BO. Every thing from Math to Medicne BO says we should be thanking to Isilam. BO glorifies Islamic even states we are the largest Muslim country. BO even bow to a Muslim king and Why is that? Smarting off about not getting his way to bring in all this Syrians. After all his sworn duty is to protect the US Citizen first and formost but doesn’t want to do the vetting process is wrong. Why not help the people save their own country instead of bring in here. Trey Gowdy has it right when he said our job is to protect the citizens of the USA first and formost.