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Bernie Just Gave Hillary Some AWFUL NEWS!

Democratic Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Holds Town Hall Meeting In Lanham, Maryland

Hillary Clinton thought she was done with Bernie Sanders as the GOP nomination is set and will have ten weeks to get ready before going after the Democratic nominee. If I were Bernie Sanders I would stay in the race as long as possible. Also, I just hope he has round the clock security when she learns of his plans.

The more Hilary is forced to campaign, the more people are reminded of why they dislike her, and her national unfavorable rating rises. That is why she began the campaign by laying low and letting the media focus on the GOP race. That is why the DNC lowered the number of debates from 26 to six (but Sanders forced both the DNC and Hilary to agree to an additional six after his NH landslide victory).

With Cruz out, there is no GOP contest, and the media focus will now pivot to the RNC vs. DNC nominee, which will force them to mention Sanders, and will force the media to expose Hilary to coverage. This will both raise Hilary’s unfavorables, and lift Sanders name recognition.

From The Associated Press:

Bernie Sanders said Tuesday that his primary bid against Hillary Clinton was far from over, pointing to his victory in Indiana and strength in upcoming races as a sign of his durability in the presidential campaign.

“I know that the Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over. They’re wrong,” Sanders said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from New Albany, Indiana. “Maybe it’s over for the insiders and the party establishment but the voters today in Indiana had a different idea.”

Sanders spoke to the AP after he defeated Clinton in Indiana’s primary, predicting that he would achieve “more victories in the weeks to come” in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, and California. The Vermont senator acknowledged that he faced an “uphill climb” to the Democratic nomination but said he was “in this campaign to win, and we are going to fight until the last vote is cast.”

Sanders’ win in Indiana likely won’t make much of a dent in Clinton’s lead of more than 300 pledged delegates. Clinton is still more than 90 percent of the way to clinching the Democratic nomination when the count includes superdelegates, the elected officials and party leaders who are free to support the candidate of their choice.

Watch networks like this outlet try to suppress Sanders and try to diminish his prospects when in reality, Hilary is close to being mathematically unable to win the nomination before the convention.

Sanders has proven that Hillary is actually weaker than many people thought. Who ever thought that an avowed Socialist could do so well against Hillary? If it weren’t for the rigging of primaries via superdelegates, Sanders might have become the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Do you think Sanders should get out of the Democratic race or do you think he should stay in to throw a wrench into Hillary’s plans? Share your opinion below in the comments section.