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Bernie Just Made A BOMBSHELL Announcement! Hillary Is FURIOUS!

Bernie Sanders

Everybody has been talking about Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders wanting to contest the election at the Democratic National Convention to be held in Philadelphia, PA in July. If you look at the numbers honestly, and you don’t add in the superdelegates, as of tonight, Sanders is less than 300 delegates away from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

I know the Associated Press and NBC News have called the nomination for the former Secretary of State, but it’s not over.

Now call me a troublemaker but I’d rather he stay in the race so that the Democrats have a real crazy convention. I believe they’re going to have that anyway due to the #OccupyDNC movement that has grown larger and larger by the day.

Sanders, like his rival political party candidate Donald Trump, has been able to reach out to voters or Americans tired of the status quo. Sanders has been defiant in the last couple of weeks, even yesterday he mentioned how Clinton as Secretary of State had excepted foreign donations for her Clinton Foundation. That alone is something you would not expect from Sanders as he has been holding his tongue on so many things during the campaign.

From The Hill:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Monday said he’d “assess” his path to victory after California’s primary.

“Let’s assess where we are after tomorrow before we make statements based on speculation,” Sanders told reporters in California when asked whether he would step aside if he loses on Tuesday night.

“We are speculating before what is in fact the most important primary.”He added that he would be flying back to his home in Vermont after the California primary.

Sanders trails Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton in the race for delegates and is certain not to overtake her in pledged delegates, given the expected results in California and five other states voting on Tuesday.

His argument is that he could get a jolt of momentum from a victory on Tuesday and that this could convince superdelegates — the party officials who have a vote in the nominating contest — to support him over Clinton.

I don’t know what to make of this but Sanders voters should not lose sight that the superdelegates are not added to the delegate totals right now. The California Primary has over 400 delegates and can easily catch up to Clinton in the delegate count if he could grab 300 plus of the 400 plus available.

If I was a Bernie supporter, I would start working to defeat Hillary at the very moment that the DNC announced that she clinched the nomination. It makes absolutely no sense to throw in one’s lot with the devious bastards who disingenuously shafted you.

H/T – The Hill

If Sanders does not win California should you get out of the race or should he take his fight to the floor of the Democratic National Committee? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and don’t forget to share their story on your Twitter or Facebook page.


Comments on “Bernie Just Made A BOMBSHELL Announcement! Hillary Is FURIOUS!”

  1. Adrian says:

    That’s what you get for pulling punches. If Bernie had insisted she clear up the email thing “…once and for all” he would be the nominee and she would be wearing orange coveralls all day every day. Now the Democrat convention is going to look like Chicago 1968. Good luck Democrats!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.