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Bernie Sanders Gives Hillary The Evil Eye, And It’s Everything We Feel About Her In 4 Seconds!


During Sunday’s Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders flashed Hillary Clinton an evil eye that captures everything most Americans feel about her in a matter of seconds.

Talk about “feel the Bern.”

Via Fox News Insider:

A four-second video of Bernie Sanders giving Hillary Clinton a contemptuous look while she criticized him during last night’s Democratic presidential debate is going viral.

At that moment, Clinton was in the middle of outlining the differences between her positions and those of the Vermont senator.

Sanders’ eyes narrowed and he turned his head toward Clinton when she said Sanders had called President Obama “weak” and “disappointing.”

The highly re-watchable moment was posted to Vine and has quickly racked up views in the millions.

Watch the clip below, and tell us you don’t turn and look at Hillary the same way every time you think of her role in the Benghazi cover-up, her private e-mails, her cover up of Bill’s sex scandals, or her many lies.

Here’s a clip of Bernie mentioning that Bill Clinton’s behavior during those sex scandals was “deplorable,” even though he was annoyed by the question.

Comment: Do you think the look on Bernie Sanders’ face is comparable to how the rest of America feels about Hillary? Share your thoughts below.