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Bernie Sanders Wants a $15 Minimum Wage But Guess What He Pays His Interns!

Consistency isn’t something minimum wage activists seem to be known for. Elizabeth Warren thinks a $22 minimum wage is a great idea – but happens to pay her interns $22 fewer than that per hour. LA Unions recently pushed for a $15 minimum wage – but want exemptions for union workers. The Freedom Socialist Party wants a $20 minimum wage, but a job listing of theirs revealed that they were only willing to pay $13.

Our latest bit of minimum wage comes from Bernie Sanders, one of the many current presidential candidates who has about the same probability of becoming president as I do. Sanders hasn’t just talked the talk (or so it would seem), but recently proposed a bill to increase the Federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Sanders claims that the raise would benefit the 62 million Americans who earn under $15 an hour. But as the Media Research Center reveled this week, Sanders’ own interns are included in that 62 million. The Bill’s first bullet point reads “No one working full time should be in poverty. It is time to pay workers a living wage of at least $15 an hour,” but as you see below, his interns earn a wage of $12 an hour – not exactly “$15” an hour, and Sanders is someone who thinks that it should be at least $15 an hour.


It’s hard to blame minimum wage hypocrites, because the laws of economics don’t magically disappear selectively. According to Harvard economics professor Gregory Mankiw, nearly 80% of economists agree that the minimum wage costs jobs, particularly among low skilled and young workers. It seems that liberals don’t realize this – until they have to shell out dollars themselves.

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