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Funniest Video Of The Day! Bernie Supporter Gets OWNED By Liberal Reporter!


This video is by the far the funniest thing you will watch ALL DAY! Former Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor and Bernie Sanders supporter Barbara Lawton sat down with far-left MSNBC host Chris Matthews and was unable to defend her own candidate’s call to offer free tuition to all Americans!

Matthews grilled Lawton on how Sanders would pay for his free-college for all plan, and her response was hilarious!

From The Blaze:

After getting what appeared to be political talking points over why she supports Sanders, Matthews shifted to the candidate’s free college tuition proposal.

“He’s talking about free tuition at the University of Wisconsin, wherever the campus is,” Matthews said Tuesday. “Free for everybody, free at University of Michigan, free Berkeley, free Penn State, free for every state university, and I keep asking myself, ‘Where is all that enormous amount of money coming from?’ And do you think he has a way of getting that money?”

“Of course he does,” Lawton replied. But after she continued further, Matthews apparently wasn’t satisfied.

“You say ‘we,’ but who is going to pay for it, who?” Matthews asked.

“The people of the United States,” Lawton answered before Matthews interrupted and continued to dig. But Lawton’s reference to “when everyone is paying their fair share of taxes, and when we set the priorities as a nation …” wasn’t sitting right with the host.

“So you don’t know where it’s coming from?” Matthews pushed.

With that Lawton admitted, “I don’t have to right at this moment, actually.”

While Lawton later noted Sanders had spoken of tapping into the financial industry for funding, Matthews seemed skeptical: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody pays. And I think we ought to know who it is, okay?”

Do you think that this video is worthy of being the funniest of the day?? How can Sanders supporters still support him when he can’t answer basic questions about his campaign? Share your thoughts below!