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This Has To Be The Best Anti-Hillary Campaign Ad By Far – HILLARY-OUS!

Hillary Clinton

This made my day. The fine folks at TownHall.com decided to see what an honest campaign ad for Hillary Clinton would look like.

And it’s Hillary-ous. (Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out now.)

Some of the highlights of the video include her commitment to world peace:

“Hillary Clinton stood up to the fat cats in the military and refused to escalate tensions in Libya by sending in ground forces to assist in the deadly raid on the Benghazi consulate.”

Also mentioned is her dedication to saving the taxpayers money:

As Secretary of State she save the government hundreds of thousands of dollars by self funding her own private e-mail server in her home and by forgoing the costly encryption associated with classified networks.

Nobody can talk about Hillary without talking about her innovate way to increase charitable donations:

Her innovative model of selling influence inside the government in exchange for donations to her foundation has brought countless government employees out of poverty.

And the video ends with what seems like a completely accurate slogan for the campaign:

“Hillary Clinton… technically allowed to run for President.”

Check it out!

Do you agree? This is a great ad! Do you think it will be effective? Share your comments below and tell us how you liked it or if you didn’t.