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Best Conservative Books Written by Women of 2014

This was a banner year for conservatives, as Republicans took control of both the Senate and the House and the centerpieces of the Obama administration’s legacy (Obamacare, foreign policy) crumbled. Conservatives are dominating politics and conservative thought is popular in popular culture as well. There have been a number of fantastic books out this year to help drive the country’s shift to the right. If you’re looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer idea, here are a few suggestions:

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Dana Loesch: Hands Off My Gun

Talk show and radio host Dana Loesch is famous for her Second Amendment activism and her love of shooting. Loesch breaks down the Left’s attempts to disarm America and lays out what gun owners can do to protect their right to bear arms.

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Katie Pavlich: Assault and Flattery

Who is really perpetrating the so-called “War on Women?” Townhall and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich lays out how and why the Left has created this imaginary battle against America’s women, and why the actions of liberals have made American culture hostile towards women, exposing pro-woman frauds like Bill Clinton for what they really are.

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Sharyl Attkisson: Stonewalled

Former CBS reporter Attkisson has been a seasoned reporter for over thirty years, but with this book she breaks rank from the mainstream media to highlight how, in the course of her reporting on scandals originating in the Obama White House she was surveilled and subjected to the White House’s best attempts at opposition research and sabotage.

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Lisa De Pasquale: Finding Mr. Righteous

What is it like dating in the middle of the swamp of DC politicos as a successful woman? A former event planner and conservative personality, De Pasquale lays out her humorous search for love in all the wrong places in this tell-all page turner.

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Lynne Cheney: James Madison, A Life Reconsidered

Any American history buff will want to pick up this well-researched and written biography of our former president by Vice President Cheney’s daughter, a political powerhouse in her own right. The book has positive reviews from across the political and ideological spectrum, from the New York Times Book Review to National Review. 

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Marybeth Hicks: Teachable Moments

It’s scary raising a child in modern America. How can parents raise a patriotic, well-mannered, ambitious and generous soul when so much of our society is built to thwart these efforts? Hicks, a prolific Catholic writer and mother gives real-world scenarios of situations that might stand in the way of raising an honest and decent human being, and gives solutions to how to handle each situation with thoughtfulness, charm and humor.