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Best Flight Attendant EVER! Hilarious!

It’s not often that you find yourself in stitches on a plane… but the folks on this flight got a big surprise when this fast-talking, comedienne gave the pre-flight safety run-down.

What a great way to start a trip! And, a good story to tell.

It might be one you want to share with your friends, too.



  1. Now There’s a Flight Attendant !!

    1. Susan says:

      Southwest tends to have good comedian flight attendants and they know that if the customers level of stress can be reduced, then the flight will be much better for everyone. I prefer to not fly anymore but if I have to then I try to book through Southwest. Most of the other airlines can get lost and some of my encounters with rude employees from some of the others have provided me a personal list of airlines I will not fly with.