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The Best Political Ad of the Year is from… Israel?!

Do you remember back in October, when we were all happily glued to our TV sets, laughing at each and every political ad that graced our screens?

Of course you don’t. Political ads are so stuffed with lies, distortions, and smears they make you long for the days when the only commercials you saw while waiting for the second part of CSI were for soap and shaving cream.

And yet, here’s a short video from the only democracy in the Middle East which is guaranteed to amuse. Israel is going to the polls in a few days’ time, and conservative premier Benjamin (often shortened to Bibi) Netanyahu is fighting hard for reelection.

He’s also fighting, if the clip below is to be believed, for the children of Israel.

Grab the popcorn, sit back, and behold the majesty that is “the Bibi-sitter.”

Does this video make you more or less likely to support Netanyahu? What’s your favorite political ad from years gone past? Let us know in the comments section below.