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We Bet You Didn’t Know This Superbowl Stat; It Will Blow Your Mind!

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Not a good time to be a chicken.

I love me some wings, but that number just doesn’t sound right. One hundred and fourteen million watched the Superbowl last year so that would be 12 wings for every person and I just don’t think that’s accurate or maybe they might be onto something.

From AOL.com

According to the Wing Report, only 25% of these wings will come from the grocery store. The other 75% will be coming from restaurants and caterers. Which makes sense, since wings are a Super Bowl staple, and it’s hard to make a whole lot of them yourself.

The 2015 wing report had us eating only 1.25 billion wings. So Americans are stepping up their wing game this year, bringing 39 million more wings to the table this year.

In case you need some help wrapping your head around that number, the National Chicken Council has you covered. 1.3 billion chicken wings are enough for every single person in the country to have four wings each. It’s also enough to put at least 600 wings on all the seats in all 32 NFL stadiums. And if you were to weigh all of those wings, they’d come out to about 162.5 million pounds… which is probably about how much you’re going to feel you weigh by the end of Sunday night.


Watch what report here:

I’ll have 50 at my house in a variety of delicious flavors, And every one of them deliciously sauced.

H/T – AOL.com

I say you join me for this wing extravaganza this weekend and let’s try to set all types of records. Will you be joining me? Share your comments below and let me know if you will save me a place at the table.