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Louis Farrakhan Is Reaching Out To Do What With Beyonce?


Perhaps the police should refuse to provide security to any artist of any genre that has lyrics which call for blatant armed resistance to and attacks on the police.

Yes, you can yell “fire” in a crowded theater, but you will be fined for a false report and inciting a riot; not to mention the civil suits from those injured in the stampede.

There is a fine line between free speech/artistic expression and the enabling/encouragement of anarchist actions.

Beyonce seems to have crossed that line and police are rightly refusing to “protect” her. That won’t stop noted racist Louis Farrakhan from stepping in, though.

From VIBE:

In a rousing keynote speech for the Nation of Islam’s Saviour’s Day 2016, Farrakhan commended Beyonce for taking her stance, and taunted her detractors for becoming offended. Likening the struggle of American blacks to that of The Holocaust, Farrakhan called for the same sympathy in both injustices.

“She started talking all that black stuff, and white folks were like, ‘We don’t know how to deal with that.’ Well you taught us everywhere we went about The Holocaust, but we had sympathy for you. But when one of us shows some independence, look at how you’re treating Beyonce now.”

In response to police boycotts against the singer’s tour, Farrakhan insisted that Fruit of Islam, the Nation of Islam’s security sector, will handle the job.

“You’re gonna picket, you’re not gonna offer police protection, but the FOI will,” he said.


Problem solved! The taxpayers don’t have to shell out extra money for special duty for cops, and the racist Beyoncé can be protected by other racists.

How many cops will need to die until we see this movement for what it is? Criminal thugs using the language of political correctness to spread lies and insanity, completely in the open for all to see.

Do you agree with the Police choosing not to provide security at Beyonce’s concerts? Do you believe Farrakhan is the right substitute? Share your opinions below in our comment section. Add this story to your twitter/facebook account to alert your friends about this development!