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Biden Tells Us How He Really Feels About Being Vice President

At a recent speaking engagement at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, Vice President Joe Biden was speaking with a student who likewise identified himself as a Vice President for the student body.

Upon hearing of the student’s role as VEEP, Biden quipped “Isn’t it a bitch?”

He went on to joke, “Excuse me … the Vice President thing? I mean, whoa.”

As CNN reports, Biden went on to assure the student that he “really loves his job” and also likes “the guy he works for.”

Watch the exchange below …

Fortunately, CNN host Chris Cuomo was quick to point out that he knows the dictionary definition of the word ‘bitch.’ Because he’s the smartest guy in the room, or something.

So is the Vice President engaging in a war on women by using such caustic rhetoric?


Comments on “Biden Tells Us How He Really Feels About Being Vice President”

  1. Daniel says:

    Joe “Human Shield” Biden never fails to entertain with his stupidity.