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Biden Tries to Kiss Senator’s Daughter, She Successfully Dodges Him

Vice-President Joe Biden might have been having flashbacks to 2012 when he was hitting on a biker chick while her decidedly unamused biker friends looked on.


Yesterday, at a swearing-in ceremony for U.S. Senator Chris Coons, Biden tried to lean in for a kiss after whispering into the ear of Coons’ young daughter.

That’s when this happened …


No wait, sorry about that.

That’s when this happened – creepy GIF courtesy of Weasel Zippers:


Via the Washington Times:

Mr. Biden was welcoming Mr. Coons, from his home state of Delaware, to a second term when he bent and whispered something in the ear of the senator’s young daughter, who was standing before her mother. The C-SPAN video then shows Mr. Biden — who was also grasping the girl’s arm — leaning in close to the side of her face for a kiss.

The girl, noticeably uncomfortable, pulls away and Mr. Biden’s try at a smooch fails and his lips seem to land on open air.

What do you think of Biden’s behavior? And how smart was it of the girl to get away from him? Sound off below…