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Here’s What Got This Black Man Kicked Out of a Hillary Rally


If a black man were kicked out of a Trump rally for any reason, you can bet the media would call it racist. But a black man being kicked out of a Hillary Clinton rally? That happened- and the reason why, has had the liberal media scrambling.

Security removed a man wearing a shirt calling former President Bill Clinton a rapist from a Hillary Clinton rally in Detroit, bringing him down the risers right behind the Democratic White House nominee as she spoke.

The man’s departure prompted shouts and cheers from the crowd and drew the attention of Clinton, who stopped her speech, turned and laughed, and then commented on the man.

“You know, I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention,” she said in between laughs.

“He clearly has not been following this election very closely.”

The man was wearing a shirt in the style of the iconic poster from President Obama’s 2008 campaign, which showed his face in red, white and blue with the word “hope” below it. The man’s shirt showed Bill Clinton’s face with the word “rape” underneath.

Following the controversial leaked audio from 2005 we’ve all heard of Trump’s “locker talk,” he’s fought back by bringing up Bill Clinton’s infidelities and charges of sexual assault levied against him into the spotlight.

Trump brought three women who accused Clinton of harassment, abuse or rape to Sunday night’s debate in St. Louis, holding a pre-debate press conference with them and inviting them into the debate hall as his guests. As Trump began telling some of their stories during the debate, Bill appeared stone faced.


H/T The Hill

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