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Political Cartoon Brilliantly Exposes Hillary’s Hypocrisy on Trump’s Sex Talk

Over the past several weeks, Hillary Clinton has been running around the country attacking Donald Trump over his supposed poor treatment of women.

Hillary and her supporters have called Trump a predator and a plethora of other nasty things, but the Democrat is a complete hypocrite on the issue of Trump’s sex talk.

The political cartoon shown below details that as Hillary is attacking Trump, standing right behind her is Bill, who has a long history of abusing women.

Bill Clinton rapist

The Clinton campaign doesn’t want to remind voters that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator as it would weaken their attacks on Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the liberal media refuses to point out this inconvenient fact for Clinton and instead joins the Democrat in trying to take down Trump’s candidacy.

Do you agree that Hillary is in no position to criticize Donald Trump over his sex talk? Is she a hypocrite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Mike says:

    Donald is certainly no Boy Scout, but he did not look into the eyes of a mom of a slain hero and blame that mom’s son death on a video.

    1. Juan Two Three says:

      You’re absolutely right Mike: ‘Dirty Dick Slick Willy’ is a fuking pedophile, child molester and rapist! Killery, on the other hand, is a female ‘carpet muncher’ and the BIGGEST LIAR America has EVER seen, even beyond Nixon!

    2. Bob says:

      Mike, the cartoon in this article is funny, but I received one that’s both funny & sad but true.

      Ted Kennedy & Bill Clinton are facing one another & Ted says ” I drowned a woman ” & Bill says ” I raped a few ” then they both laugh & say ” But at least we didn’t talk dirty “.

  2. Sally says:

    It’s time to put Hillary in Jail. Bill needs to go too …for raping underage girls on an island with J. Epstein. The Pressshould not be allowed to protect t them anymore !

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    Interesting comparisons !