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I Can’t Stop Laughing At What Bill Clinton Said About Obama!


Hillary Clinton has firmly defended the Obama presidency during her campaign, but her husband isn’t letting political spin get in the way of the facts.

Bill Clinton, while campaigning for his wife in Spokane, Washington, on Monday, seemingly knocked President Barack Obama’s legacy in a riff that his aides said was unintended.

Democrats are doing damage control, but look at what he said:

“If you believe we can rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that where we were practicing trickle-down economics, then you should vote for her,” the former president said about his wife.


He clearly criticized Obama’s administration – then the one before him (Bush). He couldn’t have possibly been criticizing Reagan’s policies as trickle down because both George H.W. Bush and himself served as Presidents between Bush and Reagan.

In fact,when Bill Clinton’s spokesman was asked about the comments, he replied “When Republicans controlled the White House, their trickle-down approach drove our economy to the brink of a collapse” – which is a criticism of the Bush administration. Therefore the administration he criticized after had to have been Obama’s.

Bill is either being completely honest – or slowly losing it. Either isn’t good for Hillary.

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