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Bill Nye Should Stick To Kid’s Videos

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It would almost be funny, except it’s actually quite sad that so many liberals agree with the former children’s television star Bill Nye. On Huffington Post Live Tuesday, December 1 the scientist-turned-entertainer explained to the host how he believes there is a factual basis to the argument that climate change has led to the rise of Islamic terrorism and ISIS. It’s a lie that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders parroted during the last debate between himself and front-runner Hillary Clinton.

According to Nye, water shortages and farming difficulties have led to poverty and a rise in disgruntled youth, who have now turned to terrorism to lash out against their living conditions.

Even more infuriating, Nye implored action on climate change as a solution to terrorism, saying it was directly related to the massacres that happened in Paris, and that it was “just the start of things.”

An inconvenient historical truth lies in the history books for Nye and liberals like him. Which potato farmers in Ireland in the late 1800s turned to terror when their crops began to fail? Why wasn’t the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression a hotbed for insurgency and carnage? During a famine in North Korea in the 1990s, not only were there no instances of domestic or foreign terrorism, there was also a total lack of unrest directed towards the government that was responsible for the total lack of resources.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s more to terrorism than the weather.