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Bill O’Reilly Shocks Fuson’s Ramos On Support For Building A Wall – MUST WATCH!


FOX News host Bill O’Reilly sees where the political wind is blowing and knows where his bread is buttered. Just like when he ranted and raved against Barack Obama and his refusal to grant him an interview until the fix was in in ’08. Suddenly O’Reilly got his interview and everything about Obama was just hunky-dory.

He knows Trump is going to be the next POTUS and he wants to be on his good side. Heaven only knows what O’Reilly really thinks or really believes. I’m not sure he knows himself.

Since yesterday, it appears that some are starting to sing a different tune. We need to pay attention and see which of Trump’s enemies “convert”. These people are de facto America haters who are first and foremost opportunists. People will soon forget that these parasites reviled Trump before they loved him.

During last night’s O’Reilly Factor, The Fox News host took Fusion’s Ramos to task over calling Donald Trump a racist for building a wall.

“I favor a wall. Am I a racist for favoring a wall.

Watch what happened below:

I enjoyed watching Ramos squirm in his seat when O’Reilly has him on the run. Ramos is still angry about being kicked out of Trump’s events last year because the front-runner wouldn’t let him take over and filibuster the rest of the news reporters.

Here’s a video of another Ramos-O-Reilly battle:

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