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Black Conservative SCHOOLS Anti-Trump Protester and She CAN’T HANDLE It!

Given how liberals treat certain minority¬†groups as if they’re homogeneous Democrat voting blocks, it’s hilarious seeing them get challenged by those they think are on their side 100% of the time. They look like a deer in headlights, as their usual “arguments” are of no use. They can’t launch a charge of racism – and they certainly can’t tell them to check their privilege.

A hilarious argument occurred on Inauguration Day between an anti-Trump protestor and a black conservative. She was shocked when he compared Black Lives Matter to any other racist or terrorist organization. He then rattled off a number of statistics about crime in black communities that liberals tend to ignore.

Eventually, she runs away.

Watch below:

The man in the video is Kevin Martin, for anyone curious (whose Facebook page is in the hyperlink).

I wonder if she’s thought up a comeback by now. Who knows? Share this post EVERYWHERE!