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Here’s The CRAZY Reason Black Democrats Are Attacking Trump!

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I knew they were coming, I just didn’t know when but it seems the Democratic Party’s white leadership has given the Congressional Black Caucus their talking points as they are out in force trying to slap down Donald Trump as a racist who doesn’t care about black people.

Not one of the morons making these false claims can ever give examples to back up their false attacks. I think those pointing to Trump as racist are really the racists themselves. Trump is for ALL Americans.

They go after Trump but they were quiet when the racist terrorist organization Black Lives Matter got a visit request from the White House.

From The Hill:

Black Democratic lawmakers are denouncing Donald Trump as a racist, accusing his campaign of courting white supremacists.

The GOP nominee’s efforts at minority outreach have infuriated Democratic members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), who on Tuesday convened a conference call to accuse Trump of perpetuating stereotypes and using coded language meant to get white racists to the polls.

“If Donald Trump truly cared about African-Americans, he’d disavow his long history of hateful and racist attacks against our community, he’d apologize for having discriminated against black families … he’d disavow his support for white supremacists and white supremacy,” Butterfield said.

Trump’s outreach to minority voters has given Democrats an excuse to dredge up some of the most controversial aspects of his business record and his statements on the campaign trail.

The Democrats on Tuesday’s call argued that Trump has a long history of promoting discriminatory housing practices as a real estate investor and of exploiting minority workers as a builder.

They pointed out that the billionaire launched his campaign by describing illegal immigrants as “rapists,” said he was slow to disavow the endorsement of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, has proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country, questioned the partiality of a judge with Mexican heritage and fanned conspiracies around President Obama’s birthplace.

These black lawmakers have a desire to keep black voters dependent by indoctrinating the needless fear of the unknown. I would never listen to these minstrels who have sold out the black community. All they speak of is anger at Republicans and how evil our side is but they don’t have solutions for why liberal policies aren’t working in the black neighborhoods.

Gotta’ love how the left equates nationalism to racism and white supremacy. There are all types supporting Trump, including minorities.

What do you think of this show of race-baiting language from elected lawmakers who only show themselves a couple of months out from national elections? Share your opinions below int he comment section and tell me what you really think.


Comments on “Here’s The CRAZY Reason Black Democrats Are Attacking Trump!”

  1. John says:

    It is so stupid. Have you noticed that none of the candidates sue for someone calling them names and spreading things about them. If it was someone else not during a campaign they would sue for defamation of character in a coon dog second. It’s a big show folk’s and I am enjoying it from my ringside seat.