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Black Journalist Disinvited To Speak At College Because Of THIS!


So let me see if I have the facts straight. A conservative black journalist/pundit, who presumably wants to help African-American communities wean themselves from welfare dependency and become less dependent on government money, is *NOT* welcome at an institute of “higher learning” (which no doubt considers itself “enlightened”)?

Is this how universities “empower” people? Can you only “empower” people by supporting liberalism and its generations-long welfare dependency? That’s imprisonment of another color, isn’t it? Then the university stipulated they never invited said journalist to speak; meanwhile, the journalist produces this proof:

From The Daily Caller:

Officials at taxpayer-funded Virginia Tech have disinvited Jason Riley from speaking on campus because they fear “protests from the looney left.”

Riley, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board and a senior fellow at the free market-oriented Manhattan Institute, got the bad news late last week, according to National Review.

He had been scheduled to give a speech at Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business as part of its BB&T distinguished lecture series.

The unidentified professor who had arranged Riley’s speech explained in an email that Vijay Singal, the chairman of Virginia Tech’s finance department, had decided to disinvite Riley.

National Review obtained the email.

Singal wrote that he realized that Riley, who is black, “has written about race issues.” As such, Singal chose to disinvite Riley because he was “worried about more protests from the looney left.”

The professor who informed Riley of the cancellation said Singal and faculty members who supported Singal’s decision discounted arguments that canceling Riley’s speech would amount to a capitulation to even the possibility of intimidation.

The university has since changed their stance and has decided to allow Riley to speak

Whoever has been handling this whole debacle at Virginia Tech should be fired for not only uninviting a guy to “prevent hurt feelings” but then to go on and pretend it never happened and tried to make him look like a liar. Virginia Tech should be ashamed of itself.

Liberals discovered years ago they couldn’t debate FACTS with conservatives so “professors” decided they would make their job of indoctrination easier to keep conservatives from talking to students.

I see that Virginia Tech decided to extend Riley another invitation to speak, but if it were me, I don’t think I could accept it.

What did you think of the universities decision to disinvite this black journalist only to re-invite him after he showed proof that he been invited in the first place it’s? Share your opinions below in our comments section.