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Is This Black Lives Matter Activist Even Black?

Is there a new Rachel Dolezal on the block? A leading activist for the group Black Lives Matter has drawn fire from conservative circles this week for what may be lies about his racial background. The Daily Beast reported:

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King said for years that he is biracial, because he was born to a white mother and a black father, but Kentucky public records reviewed by The Daily Beast show that King’s father is white. Jeffery Wayne King, born Nov. 11, 1955, is listed as Shaun King’s father on his birth certificate. Criminal records identify Jeffrey King’s ethnicity as white. After Breitbart News questioned King’s race, the activist tweeted that he “did not concoct a lie” about his race. King also said, “If you have known me from when I was in elementary school at Huntertown Elementary until now, you’ve known me as black or bi-racial.”

This is the hard thing about making race a story: normally one’s race isn’t a matter of public concern. When an individual builds their entire career on their race, however, and that race turns out to be not as advertised, that individual’s credibility goes down along with their career.


The left wing is striking back and coming to King’s defense, unlike they did with Dolezal. Salon published a story referencing work from Oliver Darcy of The Blaze, taking to task his reporting on the matter. Darcy fired back on Twitter, accusing the left-wing publication of writing a hit-piece without making a courtesy call to Darcy for his comment or even taking the time to get the name of his employer (which is listed in his Twitter bio) correct.

The story has hit the mainstream and even CNN’s Don Lemon is asking King questions on his racial identity. They reported,

CNN’s Don Lemon said a “family member” told CNN both of King’s parents are white.

Lemon exchanged text messages with King Wednesday night and asked him directly if he was black or white.

“Initially he did not answer but later referred to himself as biracial,” Lemon said. “But then when I asked him if that’s what it shows on his birth certificate I did not hear back from him. No answer on that.”

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  1. Elaine says:

    The only time it matters is when they lie. This jack ass is lying. Although, because he could have had a black ancestor. But he did not put forth this supposition. I think he is merely a jack ass who doesn’t want to be who he really is. Rachel Dolezal hurt her parents deeply I’m sure, by alienating them by lying. Of my kids did this to me, I would disown them.

  2. Jerolomo says:

    Black Lies Matter? Until they start to tell the truth they should be ignored.