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Black Lives Matter Activists Just Did The WORST THING EVER!


This is not even “starting to” get out of hand, it’s already out of hand. I know friends of mine who feel it’s time to remove all police stations from neighborhoods where the police are not welcome. They do not even respond to emergency calls from within such “hoods.” Some of them have even told me “let them kill each other until evolution perhaps leaves only the most intelligent and prudent behind, then try “integration” again.”

I understand my friend’s frustration and I feel their pain. I also know as a former military veteran, I treasure law enforcement and know their jobs are very important along with their sacrifice. Which is why I am angry at this latest stunt by the #BlackLivesMatter movement against law enforcement.

For this despicable action to take place on the Dartmouth College campus on the same day two policemen were shot is like pouring salt in the wound.

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From The College Fix:

A #BlueLivesMatter poster display at Dartmouth College showing support for law enforcement and remembering those who lost their lives in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was torn down by student activists, who then posted Black Lives Matters propaganda while administrators essentially allowed the vandalism to occur — and stay up, The Dartmouth Reviewreports.

The Dartmouth College Republicans had created the Blue Lives Matter display in honor of National Police Week. But the display on Friday was ripped down and replaced by several posters that read “You cannot co-opt the movement against state violence to memorialize its perpetrators. #blacklivesmatter.”

One student activist, on Twitter, had called the display “white supremacist bullsh**.”

Meanwhile, on the same day that the dispute took place at Dartmouth, two police in nearby Manchester were shot while on duty, the Daily Caller reports. One officer was treated and released. The other remains hospitalized in stable condition with gunshots wounds to the face and torso, ABC News reports.

Who do I blame? Barack Obama.

Obama has done such a great job during his reign as a figurehead of this Country. He has taken a country populated by people of goodwill and high hopes and transformed them into opposing camps along so many different lines. These differing camps are at war with each other to the point where we no longer have a tranquil populace.

We are now confrontational as well as defensive. It is a truly sad legacy for a person to leave as President when he had the chance to advance the good will of the people in this Country. I don’t know where it will all lead to.

I am sure you can point to a group of Americans who have the opinion that this country should be broken up because one part believes that the Government is the ‘end all’ to all their problems and want the Government involved in everything they do while another group wants the Government to mind their own business and stay out of our lives. Governments are formed to keep their people secure and safe from foreign attacks, not take over our lives.

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I don’t know if that is the way to go but I do know this country needs to deal with this issue before a large number of people get hurt.

Will we be involved in armed conflict with these different groups? Will this Country remain intact or begin to break up? Share your opinions below in the comment section.


Comments on “Black Lives Matter Activists Just Did The WORST THING EVER!”

  1. Keith says:

    BLM meetings should be held in zoo. But, then they be kept there