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Black Lives Matter Member Went After ANOTHER Cop – 17 Shots Fired

Black Lives Matter

The massacre of police carried out by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer marked the worst day for law enforcement in America since 9/11. While Obama tried to claim that it was a mystery what motivated the shooter, from his own mouth he “wanted to kill as many white people as possible, particularly cops.”

This wasn’t a lone nutjob. You don’t have to do much Googling to find examples of BLM marches where they are chants of “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” or “what do we want? Dead cops!”

It hasn’t been ten days since the Dallas massacre, and BLM has already tried to claim another victim.

March Eugene Ratney, according to Department of Correction records, wasn’t due to be released from prison until this past June 6 after serving half of a 12-year sentence following his conviction as a serious violent felon with a weapon. Ten days later, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officers were called to an east side address where Ratney’s sister said he had pulled a gun and threatened to kill her.

Investigators now report, and neighbors confirmed, Ratney, on parole, was the man clad in a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and screaming profanities at police, who shot up an IMPD officer’s house not far from his own home early this morning.

The officer and his family were uninjured.

“Think about this, this is your home,” said IMPD Chief Troy Riggs. “If there is one place in this world where you should always feel safe and your family should feel safe, it is in your home.”

The officer had just returned from work, but had not yet retired for the night, when approximately 17 shots were fired from a 9mm handgun into his house, fence and patrol car.

Neighbors recalled seeing a man in a Black Lives Matter t-shirt that also had obscenities directed at police walking the neighborhood last Friday night.

H/T FOX 59

Sounds like a real upstanding citizen.

He’ll be heading back to jail less than two weeks after getting out of it, and hopefully he isn’t out early this time.

Why was he freed from jail in the first place? Do you think we need to be tougher on crime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.