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Black Lives Matter Attempts to Block Road… But Then THIS Happened!

black lives matter

After killing police officers, the second most despicable practice we’re seeing from the Black Lives Matter movement is blocking off roads and highways.

Last week, the hacker group “Anonymous” announced that they had planned a Black Lives Matter inspired “Day of Rage” for July 15th. There were protests planned in 37 cities, which, by the name of the event, I can’t imagine would’ve been peaceful had they fully materialized.

Turnout was scant (thank God), and they failed miserably at their protesting – even more so than usual.

They attempted to pull off blocking a road….. and that went as follows:

Admittedly, they’re lucky the driver wasn’t like the ones in the following video who encountered BLM protestors blocking off the road.

On a serious note – there was a case recently where paramedics couldn’t get through due to BLM protestors blocking off a highway, and it took an additional 30 minutes for a child to get the care he needed. If they keep pulling stunts like this, it isn’t just the lives of police they’re going to end up taking away.

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  1. Bud says:

    Cops should have begun pepper-spraying these thugs !!! Then maybe these young jerks and punks MIGHT think better the next time they try that carp !!!

  2. Malissa says:

    Just a bunch of IDIOTS. Most which looked White to me……….. If you CAN’T STOP a 4,000 lb vehicle…..DON’T GET ON THE ROADWAY!!!!!!!