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Business Owner Has BRILLIANT Response To BLM: ‘Jesus Died For…’

Black Lives Matter














Where do you stand in the Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter debate?

Those in the BLM camp are fond of saying that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” isn’t implying that the phrase doesn’t imply that all lives don’t matter, but they could clear up the confusion by not being perpetually offended by the phrase “All Lives Matter.” The Vice President of the Student Government Association at the University of Houston was suspended from her post for merely making a Facebook post affirming the latter phrase after manufactured outrage by the school’s Black Student Union.

Regardless of what those in the BLM camp will tell you, two-thirds of blacks prefer the phrase “All Lives Matter” to “Black Lives Matter,” and something tells me they aren’t all a bunch of racists. To settle the debate once and for all, one Texas business owner put up a sign that settles the debate once and for all.

A Texas business owner weighed in on the Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter debate with a sign that argued that “2000 years ago, Jesus ended the debate of which lives matter. He died for all!”

Wagner Supply Company in Odessa, Texas posted the sign.

Odessa resident Adolfo Bustamante, told KWES reporter Eric Onyechefule, “Jesus Christ died for all our sins, not just white lives, black lives, brown lives, or oriental lives, he died for everybody’s sins.”

Shannon Bezel who works near the sign said, “It doesn’t matter what race you are. We’re all the same. We’re just people. We’re all people.”

H/T The Daily Caller

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