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Is This A Game? Black Lives Matter Leader Gets Out Of Jail And Walks Into….

Black Lives Matter

Deray McKesson, one of the outspoken leaders of the Black Lives Movement was arrested in Louisiana earlier this week and then he turned around and walked into the White House for a 3-hour meeting with Barack Obama.

Why not just roll out the red carpet for the scum bag, if they could just listen and rationalize the stats, there would not be protests, or shouldn’t be.

If Barack Obama cared about police officers, he would put an end to Black Lives Matters and stop fanning the flames of racial hatred. Instead, Obama is willing to show sympathy to cop-killing organizations for political reasons, in hopes that it helps him pass anti-gun legislation and turns out minority voters in 2016.

Amazing. How many police officers were murdered this past several days, former armed services serviceman bludgeoned, and how does our president acknowledge these atrocities? Civil rights belong to all Americans.

From The Hill:

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson said Wednesday he is attending a meeting with President Obama designed to help mend frayed ties between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

“We are at the @WhiteHouse right now for a 3-hour convening w/ President Obama re: the recent events in #BatonRouge & across the country,” Mckesson tweeted Wednesday.

Mckesson wrote he will be joined by fellow activist Brittany Packnett and Minneapolis-based Black Lives Matter leader Mica Grimm.

The president is sitting down with nearly three-dozen law enforcement officials, civil rights leaders, educators and local politicians at the White House in the aftermath of the massacre of five police officers in Dallas.

The officers were patrolling a protest march against separate police shootings of black men in Baton Rouge, La., and Falcon Heights, Minn.

Doesn’t it feel like Obama won’t be happy until he’s able to orchestrate outright war between black and white Americans? He is lighting the fire of hatred in these people in the hopes that they will do something really stupid. I hope and pray these people are smarter than that and can see what he is up to!

Obama has done nothing to improve race relations in his Presidency and has in fact made them worse as he has divided this country further.

Do you think Obama should have invited this Black Lives Matter leader to the White House after he had been arrested, probably as a publicity stunt? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.