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Black Lives Matter Just Made A List Of Demands That Will Make Your Head Spin!

Black Lives Matter

While the inhumanity of slave trade and slave labor is a reminder that we should keep pushing the frontiers of humanness in us, the Black Lives Matter is a group of leftists that hurt the African American community


Well, now liberal groups, including Black Lives Matter are demanding that America issue reparations to those who have been impacted by slavery.

From NY Times:

More than 60 organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement have released a series of demands on Monday, including for reparations.

The list of six platform demands is aimed at furthering their goals as the presidential campaign heads into the homestretch.

The release of the six demands comes a few days before the second anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., which set off months of protests and led to a national conversation about police killings of blacks.

As part of the effort, the groups are demanding, among other things, reparations for what they say are past and continuing harms to African-Americans, an end to the death penalty, legislation to acknowledge the effects of slavery, as well as investments in education initiatives, mental health services and jobs programs.

“We wanted to intervene in this current political moment where there is all this amazing and inspiring work that is resisting state violence and corporate power,” said M. Adams, co-executive director of Freedom Inc., a nonprofit group based in Madison, Wis., which focuses on violence within and against low-income communities of color.

Blacks are killing blacks in record numbers and are asking for the government to cater to blacks and acknowledge the violence on blacks. However, this same group will not step forward and help our communities where these senseless crimes are amongst themselves.

Or are they saying they have become so out of control, they can’t stop it between them and want someone else to fix it? I’m trying to understand all of this, can someone help me and by the way, I am a black man.

God bless future-President Donald  Trump and give him the wisdom to put America back to work so that all these obese people will become healthy again. Both in their minds and bodies.

Please no racial comments, just help me understand what they are asking for.