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Finally – Police are Fighting Back Against Black Lives Matter Riots

Black Lives matter portland

It seems the Black Lives Matter movement in Portland, OR was not happy about a new contract the police department was getting so they wanted to protest and thought throwing projectiles toward law enforcement would serve their cause.

First off, police contracts are none of their business, just as a contract with nurses or electrical workers are no ones business except the parties who work under this contract

See the big picture and what is at stake. We should not put this country under Hillary’s reign. No more of this progressive, socialist and liberal agenda. Lets restore peace and order. Do they have jobs? How are they surviving? Yet they are always there causing problems regardless of the time of day.

Black Lives matter portland

Black Lives matter portland

Black Lives matter portland

From The Daily Caller:

Police arrested and pepper-sprayed activists following a protest over a Portland, Ore., police union contract Wednesday.

Don’t Shoot PDX and Black Lives Matter activists had been planning to testify to the city council over a new police contract, reports KATU. They say that they were prevented from being able to.

Some protesters set up tents inside city hall to demonstrate while the council passed the contract with a 3-1 vote. Officials put the building on lock down; police said activists were given plenty of time to leave the building.

Protesters allegedly began throwing “projectiles” at them, according to police.

Police officers and Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response Team forced the activists to leave using pepper spray.

“We were peacefully protesting, and then we were ambushed by the Portland Police Bureau and the [Rapid Response Team]. They punched us, they used batons, they dragged us out, they pepper sprayed us,” a protester alleged.

Activists went on to block trains and city buses. A person had to be hospitalized due to a broken arm.

Activists were upset with various parts of the contract, including a part that would let officers look over body camera footage before filing a report. Commissioner Nick Fish said that there was nothing in the contact that addressed body camera footage.

Why are the cities allowing this? bring out the water canons and if need be the National Guard. Once they start throwing things then it is no longer a protest and becomes a riot.

I am so sick of this garbage. Why aren’t they working instead of looting and rioting? Keep voting Democrats into office and this will continue.

Aren’t you tired of listening to stories like this? Aren’t you tired of young people not having a dream of being successful and fighting through hardships to be someone respectable? Share your comments below and tell me how you really feel.

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