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Black Lives Matter Protesters Saw These in Trees on Campus… You Won’t Believe What They Did Next


This here is a little demonstration of what happens when your world view sees racism at every turn – You may end up a little embarrassed by reality.

Black Lives Matter protesters were “saddened and disturbed” when they found “nooses” hanging from a tree hours after a rally was held at the University of Delaware.

The UD Review reports:

Crudely made with rope and bent wire-hangers, they were discovered by sophomore Harry Lewis, who passed by them while walking along The Green. The nooses were hanging from a large tree on the same patch of grass where Black Lives Matter demonstrators gathered Monday night to protest Katie Pavlich, a gun rights advocate who was speaking in Mitchell Hall.

“We are both saddened and disturbed that this deplorable act has taken place on our campus,” Acting President Nancy Targett said in a statement Tuesday night. “This hateful display stands in stark contrast to Monday night’s peaceful protest and discussion. We condemn this despicable action and ask everyone in our community to stand together against intolerance and hate.”

The university declared the display a ‘hate crime’ and then decided to do an investigation. That’s when they discovered the so-called ‘nooses’ were actually lantern hangers, placed there several weeks earlier.

Via Mediaite:

On Monday, there had been a #BlackLivesMatter protest against guest speaker and conservative activist Katie Pavlich. But on Tuesday, the “nooses” were found near the protest site, earning coverage from outlets like MSNBC and online activists like Shaun King.

At first the university was supportive, declaring the “nooses” a hate crime that they planned to investigate. But a day later, they announced that an investigation found that they were just paper lantern hangers left over from a previous event.


Click here for a more detailed explanation of how campus police discovered the string was left from hanging lanterns.

But hell, racists aren’t about to let a little reality stand in the way of their agenda.

After hearing the news, one organizer declared that “there’s never really been a lantern that big” before in the history of forever, and the aforementioned Targett proclaimed that protests would still go on.

Acting President Nancy Targett announced the investigation results in an early morning email, but said the university’s gathering, organized for 4:30 p.m. today in reaction to the perceived “hate crime”, would go on as scheduled.

So the Black Lives Matter protesters are actually going to physically protest something that does not exist.

What’s next, unicorns?


Here is an image of the lantern hangers (which you can see are actually a wire at the bottom) alongside riveting images of Black Lives Protesters distraught over the lantern hangers…


Comment: What would you say to the Black Lives Matter group who is still planning on holding a protest over the “nooses?”



  1. PickyBiker says:

    It’s pretty clear to me that black lives do matter to whites. If black lives mattered to blacks, they would stop killing each other. The hypocrisy in the Black Lives Matter movement is astounding.

  2. Melanie says:

    Haters got to hate. If a dumocrat can’t find something wrong…they invent it!

  3. Marilyn says:

    The stupidity of the “perpetually offended” knows no bounds.

  4. David says:

    The more phony protests in which you engage, the less credibility you have. BTW ALL LIVES MATTER. The racists are he ones who treat different races differently. Love all. Accept all. Protect all. Then you will have credibility and people will listen.

  5. Don says:

    Paper lanterns lives matter.