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Black Lives Matter Thug Tries to Record Police Harassment – Backfires Instantly!

black lives matter

Back in August, the  “Movement for Black Lives” (an umbrella organization for about 50 groups associated with the Black Lives Matter movement) released a set of six core demands – which splintered into 38 total demands. If you read through the list of demands, you’d be surprised how little are related to what the movement claims to be about: police brutality.

In fact, they openly oppose police wearing body cameras, which makes little sense if you want proof of police brutality.

Of course, that’s by design. Just think of all the martyrs the Black Lives Matter movement has claimed, whether it be Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, or others. Every single one was killed while attacking an officer or resisting arrest. Body cameras would just make the case against them stronger, and further destroy BLM’s ability to try to manipulate the narrative.

Let’s just take one recent case as a rather hilarious example of why BLM opposes police recording. One young man was pulled over by police, and began recording to prove that he was pulled over for nothing more than “driving while black.” This is how it turned out…

As soon as he got pulled over he popped out his phone and had no problem live streaming the whole thing. Then as he’s being all self-righteous and using his big words to call on a supervisor…he hides drugs.

Yes.. HIDES DRUGS! He is shouting up and down that he’s being treated unfairly, and he’s done nothing wrong….then on LIVE video…hides his drugs, while Police are at their vehicles..

How did so many Americans get so stupid in just 8 years? It’s embarrassing…

I mean after what this guy did…I wouldn’t be surprised if the IQ of the entire world just dropped a 100 points.

Watch…I’m sure you’ll feel the same afterwards.

H/T: Freedom Daily


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