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‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Ruin More Than Property – Now Who’re the A$$holes?

Freddie Gray’s death reached beyond the mainstream media’s publicizing of police brutality on black men, beyond the looted stores and cars, and right into the life of one young boy – Khai’Lee.

From the hundreds of people holding “Black Lives Matter” signs, one mother has an outcry of her own – doesn’t her son’s life matter?


Photo credit Baltimore Sun

Laporsha Lawson is the mother of Khai’Lee Sampson, an extremely disabled 7-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. And among the destruction of many sites in Baltimore after rioters set fire to the city, was her home. It had the misfortune of being next to a liquor store that was targeted and burnt, rendering her house unlivable and condemned.

Losing the house was a tragic and unnecessary loss but pales in comparison to the few items destroyed inside that literally keep her son alive and comfortable. Among those are a back brace to help him sit upright, a wheelchair, and an oxygen machine to assist him when his breathing stops during sleep.

So she begs the question, “What about justice for Khai’Lee?”

With nowhere else to go, Lawson now lives in cramped quarters with her parents.

“I couldn’t do nothing but hold her,” her mother, Gloria Dukes, said when her child showed up at her door the night of the riots. “I told her it was a test — ‘God is testing you to see how strong you’re going to be.’”

Fortunately, a fundraiser is helping to cover the costs of the damages, but Lawson says the money raised will not yet cover what was lost.

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All lives matter, and to this mother, especially her son Khai’Lee’s.

His life was uprooted and nearly taken because the protestors-turned-criminals used Freddie Gray’s death as an excuse to riot and destroy Baltimore. And, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake allowed the protests to get out of hand.

Share this story far and wide so more people can see the real consequences of such senseless actions. And send up a prayer for Khai’Lee and his family.