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Black Lives Matter Terrorize A Man – Guess Who Allowed It To Happen!

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In the video below, members of the Black Lives Matter terrorist group decided they would stop an elderly white man from walking down the street. What’s worse is the police officer allowed it to happen.

From Conservative Outfitters:

Protesters were captured on video denying use of a public sidewalk to a senior citizen. Black Lives Matter shut down the sidewalk near Union Station in Washington, D.C. on July 20, 2016.

As the man tries to access the sidewalk he is told to: “Take a block for white privilege”. Police can be seen in the video, but it appears they did not help the man or make any arrests.

This is so sad!

What ever happened to Law & Order? The police and the administration no longer enforce the law. Political correctness is now the rule of law and the road to Hell has been paved.

This is the kind of thing Obama did when he was a community agitator in Chicago. So it is no surprise people are doing this because he is behind it. It is a crime to deny use of a public sidewalk by civilians. It would be awesome if a few of our special forces went down the sidewalk and forced their way in and taught all of them a lesson along the way. It may come down to people taking matters into their hands if law enforcement won’t.

This was unbelievably rude and like like I said the policeman didn’t do his job. No wonder they are viewed as evil. They need to go back to their neighborhood and police there. Think of all the good they could do. Crime might even drop. Start programs in your neighborhood instead if bullying others.

The policeman should be fired – if you are on the side of lawbreakers, get out of the profession that is charged to protect and serve law-abiding citizens – you want to be politically correct, quit and become a professional, paid protestor or a security guard in a parking structure.

It is time for the media to demand that all politicians disavow the racist and anti-American BLM movement and their false narrative of White Privilege.

I can’t get over how the policemen allowed this to happen. What would ¬†you have done in this moment? Share your voice below in the comment section.

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