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BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Just Took Over THIS Town…Police Are Fighting Back!

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First off let me say I find this distasteful. I also think this banner should be taken down/removed. The Black Lives Matter movement in itself if disingenuous at best.  It was created on  a lie and doesn’t address everything the name calls for.

For a city hall to allow this sign to hang gives a statement to many that know the  origin. Hanging the sign says blacks can remain unaccountable for their actions with police officers and if an officer dares to arrest or stop any type of action, they have to he held to another standard because of skin color.

The Police have just highlighted the fact that they feel it’s “us v them.” Such a sad state of affairs.

From The Guardian:

Police officers in Massachusetts are upset that the mayor of a largely white, historically working-class Boston suburb is refusing to remove a Black Lives Matter banner that has hung over city hall for nearly a year.

The Somerville Police Employees Association and other police unions said they would rally peacefully on Thursday evening outside Somerville city hall to demand that Mayor Joseph Curtatone remove the sign.

The police union’s president, Michael McGrath, said his officers support the “core goal” of the Black Lives Matter movement, but believe the current banner sends an “exclusionary message” and is disrespectful to officers.

“In the face of the continuing assassination of innocent police officers across the country … it is irresponsible of the city to publicly declare support for the lives of one sector of our population to the exclusion of others,” McGrath said in a statement.

The killings alluded to by McGrath occurred in Dallas, where five officers were shot while policing a protest over the deaths of African American men at the hands of police, and Baton Rouge, where three officers were killed by a black man self-identified as a “sovereign citizen”.

Somerville police chief David Fallon chided the union for getting involved in the debate. He said he supported keeping the banner over city hall.

If it was a Blue Lives Matter flag then it would have been removed immediately. There is no room for one law for one and another law for another.The police supported the flag to show diversity but there comes a time when enough is enough.

When will the mayor put up an NRA banner, a Lyons club banner or a Blue Lives Matter banner ? This is just bad precedence on the mayor’s part. City hall should not be a billboard.

Government is not supposed to endorse any opinion, group or religion over another.

Do you think City Hall should remove the sign or should it remain in its place? Share your voice below on this subject and let me know what you think.



Comments on “BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Just Took Over THIS Town…Police Are Fighting Back!”

  1. William says:

    Obama and Holder started all this by victimizing Mike Brown, and Trayvon Martim rather than prosecuting them for their criminal actions. The Hands Up scenerio was promoted to get us where we are now, AND STILL IS. Obama chose to back the lie rather than the facts and Darren Wilson- LEO. That set the stage for BLM and the Dallas massacre and the Black violence against the Whites, and police.

    And Black Privilege is the ability to scam the “poor dumb White boy” into believing that the last 50 years of affirmative action didn’t exist. The blacks have been GIVEN advantage over whites in every area of opportunity, but have done little to earn the advancements offered. THEY DENY TO OTHERS, THAT WHICH THEY EXPECT. FURTHERMORE, there are 7 races in the world, NOT JUST BLACK AND WHITE. They should only be entitled to 14% of the perks and benefits NOT 50%.

    BLM WAS BASED ON THE HANDSUP LIE, PROMOTED BY OBAMA AND HOLDER. Rather than prosecuting Mike Brown they chose “victimization propaganda”.We have a Black POTUS, and COUNTLESS Black Mayors and Police Chiefs throughout the country. No oppression when your communities are governed by your own race. The only RAGE should be on the part of the rest of America at BLM’S ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-WHITE, AND SEDITIOUS BEHAVIOR.