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Black Man Sees KKK Member in Public But His Response Is Far From What You’d Imagine

Here was a recent post on Reddit that couldn’t help but catch my eye: “a white supremacist and black man are playing dominoes right now in Union Square.” The alleged white supremacist was dressed in a KKK outfit (hood included, of course).

I say “alleged” because there isn’t much context provided. The two attracted quite a crowd (presumably out of curiosity), and I personally suspect that they could’ve been performing a social experiment to see how people would react. I only say that because I can’t exactly picture a scenario where these two would agree to game of dominoes (and the hood didn’t look all too real).

Regardless, those looking onward certainly thought what they were seeing was real, and one of the men who voiced an opinion on the matter was a black man who who had something very profound to say.

Who knows if the guy was really a white supremacist – but if he was, hopefully this will help set him straight.

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