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Black Leader Destroys Democrats – Must Watch


Anyone who knows their history knows that it’s the Republican Party, not the Democrat Party that’s done more for black-Americans. Whether it be the fact that Republicans ended slavery, passed the Reconstruction Amendments, or voted in large majority in favor of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, there’s a reason Democrats have only been calling everything Republicans do racist: because they hoped everyone else forgot the past.

We haven’t.

It’s truly bizarre to hear Barack Obama,  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other assorted Democratic “leaders” blaming Republicans or even more improbably, Tea Partiers, because black Americans are having a tough time. In every single place in the country where black Americans are a decisive factor in selecting the politicians in charge, Democrats are running the show. How do you look at decimated cities where Democrats have had control of every lever of power for 40 years and conclude, “Republicans are the problem?”

Look no further than the Presidency of Barack Obama – where Blacks are worse off today than when he took office. Things have gotten so bad that even a leader in a movement as crazy as the New Black Panther Party has noticed that the Democrat Party isn’t the Party that has their interests in mind.

But Black Panthers aren’t always peaceful.

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  1. Bob says:

    Unfortunately to many blacks listen to people like Obama, Sharpton & Jackson & don’t realize they are USING them to further their own agenda, which is “keep me in power so I can live high on the hog at your expense,” promising you all the world & giving you NOTHING.
    These 3 like to tell you how you’ve been put down, what everybody else owes you, but have you ever heard them give a speech about how you, as a black person, can raise YOURSELF up, take individual responsibility & NOT RELY ON SOMEONE ELSE ( you know WHITEY ) to give you a HANDOUT? It’s always ” your the victim & can’t do better on your own “.

  2. Adrian says:

    If the “blacks” ever start reading their own history the Democratic Party is toast.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.