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Black Sheriff BODY SLAMS Barack Obama – The White House Will HATE This (WATCH)

One of America’s most prominent black sheriffs is taking a bold stance against President Barack Obama. This is PR nightmare for the White House!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (above) went on Fox News to tell host Megyn Kelly how Barack Obama has been “destructive for America.”

He built this racial divide. It was a wound that had been healing for a number of years, a number of decades… and he reopened it with his divisive politics.

Is it any wonder why so many Americans- including blacks – are disappointed with our racially divisive President?

[V]oters are nearly three times as likely to say race relations have gotten worse (62 percent) rather than better (19 percent) since Barack Obama became president. Another 17 percent say things are the same.

Majorities of white (65 percent), black (55 percent) and Hispanic voters (56 percent) say race relations have gotten worse under Obama.

via CBS News

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  1. Lisa says:

    no longer will ANY black man be able to run for president ..

  2. Dennis says:

    How’s Ob, his #1 advisor Sharpton and that moronic NYC Mayor going to Spin the execution style murders of 2 NYC Cops today….The did everything possible to incite and escalate racial unrest and the turn the tables on cops…Now after that dis service are the going to accept ANY blame…Hell no.. This is partly on “them” ..

  3. James says:

    yes he increased the racial divide by being president, this is a country of bigots that are resistant to change. this guy is just riding the bigot train for campaign donations, same as the rest. Its a reflection of the constituency that ignorant base and gerrymandered districts tha
    t keep them relevant

  4. David says:

    I feel the problem with this generation is that everyone wants to appear as though they’re intelligent and informed and sensitive, so they feign this nonsensical empathy for causes they don’t bother to look into so they’ll be accepted by the screaming sheep around them. But you get them alone and none of them have a single opinion of their own on anything. I remember college students telling me I was brainwashed because I was in the Army and I recall thinking that I was never told what to think, I was only told what to do. The real brainwashing is going on in public schools and mainstream news. I love this country and that’s unconditional, but I hate what our current government is trying to do to it. Lets hope our next president focuses less on flimsy social popularity contests and more on the brick and mortar that founded this nation.

  5. Tina says:

    I loved hearing David Clarke speak. He said all the things that needed to be said. With love, when he said “my interputation”. their true colors. He also said the true colors of a real American in his words. I would vote for him as President. and he is a Sheriff. Love you David. God Bless You.

  6. John says:

    Amen brother the race war should be over lets move on whites today did nothing to the black race so drop the bulls**t and be an American and not a trouble maker black and white!

  7. Jay says:

    Sheriff Clarke is exactly right. The current “crisis” is a house built on sand. Michael Brown would have gotten killed just the same had he been white and done what he did. The “hands up, don’t shoot” crap was debunked by black witnesses, yet ignored by the press and subsequently the less informed portion of the public.

    Then we have the events in NYC with the fellow who got choked. Considering the cop who was in charge of that detail was a black sergeant, I’d say race had nothing to do with what happened to him. It might have been an excess of force; it certainly appeared to appeared to show negligence that should result in a sizable settlement, but I did not see where race was a factor. When cops reach for your hands and you pull away, things are only going to go in one direction.

    So what does Obama do? He brings in Al Sharpton, the professional race baiter, as his advisor and treats him like a cabinet member. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering how many years he attended sermons delivered by Rev. Wright. So who will be the next new member of his cabinet. Louis Farrakan?