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Black Student Disgraced Family When He Pulled This Despicable Action!


Before you start feeling bad for this young man, you have to read this story!

A young black man studying at the University of Iowa decided he wanted attention, so he lied to authorities telling them he was beaten up because he was black. Little did he know there was a camera recording the incident. Isn’t it strange how the story changes when there’s videotape?

Martha Stewart lied and went to prison. A gay pastor in Texas lied, and all he had to do was apologize. Now this kid lies, accusing others and when found out has to apologize? When is the law going to be the law? No matter what color you are, if you do the crime, you do the time.

If these people aren’t held accountable for their actions, they will just keep repeating them until they finally get the outcome they want. Just like the gay pastor that tried to ruin the life of the baker. He slandered her and tried to get her fired for no reason. The same with the prostitute who sought to destroy the lives of the Duke University students.

These people need to be prosecuted for their crimes or alleged false reports.

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From Associated Press:

Police say a black University of Iowa student lied about being the victim of a racially motivated beating and that he instigated at least one of several alcohol-fueled fights.

Marcus Owens told police that he was attacked April 30 by three white men who hurled racial slurs as they damaged his eye socket and knocked out his front teeth. The alleged hate crime stoked safety concerns and distrust among some minority students in the university.

But police said Tuesday that his report was false. Investigators obtained surveillance video showing Owens had been a participant and instigator of fights that started inside a bar and continued outside.

Owens will not be charged, and police won’t seek restitution to cover the cost of the investigation. He and his family issued an apology.

I’m sorry….I don’t care what color he is. Anyone filing false reports after being the instigator himself should face charges. The same should apply if it were a false rape accusation by a woman or a false claim by a gay person or anyone else. I saw a recent report where a gay pastor faked a hate message on a cake from Whole Foods.

These “crying wolf” incidents do NOT help their cause and only create more cynicism among the rest of the community. I wish these losers would stop pretending to be victims so that REAL victims can get some support and we can stop wasting our money on this nonsense.

So let’s be honest, the police aren’t the ones who made the decision not to press charges, the mayor did for political reasons like they always do! This just stinks to everything that is clean.

What do you think should be done to this young man? Do you think he should get some form of punishment for lying? If the accused would have been guilty of that hate crime, they would have seen serious time.

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