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#BlackLivesMatter Crowd Booed Candidates For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’… ESPN Host RIPS Them!


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who is clearly not as white as the Democrat candidates who were recently shouted off stage by far-left activists for daring to say the words ‘all lives matter,’ took to social media and blasted the #BlackLivesMatter crowd for their ridiculous actions.

Earlier this week, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley found themselves on the receiving end of a hate barrage at the annual Netroots Nation forum.

Why? Because they had the audacity to say that yes, not only do black lives matter, but so do white lives, and for that matter – all lives.

That phrase – all lives matter – is an extremist position in today’s Democrat party.

Smith took to Twitter to express his disdain for what happened at the forum, stating the obvious in “You can’t boo a presidential candidate just because he says ‘all lives matter.'”

He added that he can speak to this topic because “I’m a black man.”

“There’s nothing wrong when a presidential candidate says ‘All lives Matter!'” he added.

Smith went on to address the hypocrisy of those who criticized O’Malley and Sanders, asking “Where is all the noise about when black folks are killing black folks?”

This isn’t the first time the ESPN analyst has been a voice of reason in the black community. Smith made some waves earlier this year when he went on air and suggested every black person should vote Republican this election, and stated in regard to the Baltimore riots that “our ancestors would be ashamed of how we’re conducting ourselves.”

Watch the Daily Caller’s news report on Smith’s comments below…

Comment: Is Stephen A. Smith a closet racist for daring to suggest that #AllLivesMatter? Well, it had to be asked. Using liberal logic, this is the only possible conclusion, right?