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#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Just Upstaged Bernie Sanders! You’ve Got to See the Video!


At a campaign stop in uber-liberal Seattle over the weekend, the progressive candidate to beat on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders, got more than he bargained for. Despite being a self-proclaimed socialist, the candidate has drawn the ire of the far left fringe of his party, who apparently find the former Civil Rights leader isn’t appropriately concerned about the “Black Lives Matter” movement. CS Monitor reported on the incident:

As The Washington Post reported, Mr. Sanders was scheduled to be the final speaker at a lengthy program held at a city park, but, before he could take the microphone, a small group of protestors from a Seattle chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement took the stage and demanded that the crowd hold Sanders “accountable” for not doing enough, in their view, to address police brutality and other issues on the group’s agenda.

Some of the spectators in the largely white audience booed and chanted for the protestors to let the senator talk. But Marissa Johnson, one of the protestors, shot back, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is, filled with its progressives, but you did it for me,” accusing the audience of “white supremacist liberalism,” as The Seattle Times reported.

Did you catch that? It’s now apparently racist for a socialist, former Civil Rights leader to attempt to address his own rally and for his supporters to object to it being taken over by a fringe group of uninvited activists. The video of the takeover is even more ridiculous:

This isn’t the first time Black Lives Matters protestors have set their sights on the 73-year old. At Netroots Nation, a liberal technology conference, a similar incident took place.

One would think the former Civil Rights leader and socialist surging in the polls, drawing huge crowds, would be the darling of MSNBC’s eyes. It seems they too have put Sanders in their crosshairs. In their reporting of the above incident, his history as a Civil Rights leader was omitted, but this on his home state’s racial composition was not: “The senator’s home state of Vermont is 95% white and has fewer than 7,500 black residents.” One would think the candidate’s own personal history is more pertinent than the racial composition of the population of his state, but as conservatives know well, MSNBC isn’t one to let facts get in the way of their agenda.

Comment below: Do you think Hillary Clinton’s team has anything to do with these interruptions? 



  1. EuroYankee says:

    Bernie draws 70,000 people to his rallies over the weekend, and the media is obsessed with two pro-Clinton agitators that disturbed an ad-hoc appearance that was not even an official Sanders event!

    This was political sabotage, mercenary hate speech, and possibly simple misandry. They even called their action #BowDownBernie – WHY??

    And when they got the mic, Marissa Jenae said that they needed to “hold Bernie Sanders accountable for his actions.”

    I mean – seriously? What actions? They treated Bernie as if he were some inveterate racist who needed to “bow down” before … before who, exactly?

    Oh yeah. Hillary.

    I am sure the team at Clinton Central are pleased, and George Soros can rest secure thinking his billions will remain beyond the reach of a “socialist” President.

    BLM is definitely a partisan hit squad for Hillary. Read the proof and more here: http://www.euroyankee.com/?p=297

  2. Randi says:


  3. Jimmy says:

    I don’t like Bernie because we don’t need another Socialist in the White House.
    If the BLM was really serious about Black lives then they should address the Black community
    about all the Black on Black murders…Today in Miami they arrested two Black teenager gang
    members who shot and killed a Black 10 year old.Unfortunately this has become a common tragedy in the Miami area….So why doesn’t BLM come to the Black Miami community and protest
    the killings of innocent Black children or are they just a bunch of punks with nothing better to do?

  4. Ron says:

    The Black Lives Matter gang showed that apparently no one else’s life or freedom to speak matters. The BLM movement has become more than a group of bullies who care more for their “photo op than the message. Their credibility, and effectiveness diminishes each time the pull a stunt like this.

  5. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked if this was actually setup by Hillary’s campaign.

    1. EuroYankee says:

      It was of course staged by Hillaryu’s campaign – ask yourself, who benefits when Bernie Sanders is (1) prevented from speaking and (2) portrayed as having “race problem” that will make him unelectable among blacks?

      Who benefits? Hillary.

  6. Bronson says:

    This was staged , No-one gets that close without his help .

  7. Rick says:

    just shoot the fools