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The Boehner Poisoning That Almost Was


Shocking new reports indicate that House Speaker John Boehner’s life might have been in jeopardy thanks to his country club’s bartender. CNN details the charges,

John Boehner’s former bartender once made plans to slip poison into the House speaker’s drink, or shoot him and drive away, authorities say.

Among the reasons driving the alleged assassination plot: Michael Hoyt heard voices that told him Boehner was evil. He thought the Ohio Republican was the devil. He blamed Boehner for the Ebola outbreak. And he thought the speaker was mean to him.

The 44-year-old Butler County, Ohio, man was indicted last week on charges that he planned to murder Boehner — a plan that he made after being fired from the Wetherington Golf & Country Club in West Chester.

The poisoning that almost was raises questions about how much access members of the public have to our nation’s leaders and what effect the nation’s poisonous rhetoric might have on the state of mind of the mentally ill.

Another mentally ill individual, a rabidly liberal member of the press, writing for Boston.com (a Boston Globe affiliate) was almost giddy at the news of the House Speaker’s near-miss, wondering aloud if anyone would have even noticed a change in a Boehner he claimed was a drunkard. Writing for Media Equalizer Brian Maloney asks, “Imagine if the target of this plot had instead been Obama- would that be the subject of derisive jokes at Boston.com or any other major news outlet?”

It’s this kind of hate-speech masked as satire or, even worse, straight up reporting, that not only divides this country further, but also makes it more dangerous for good men and women to decide to serve it in public office.

Do you think the author of the Boston.com piece will apologize?