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BREAKING: Bomb Threat At MAJOR Airport…MASSIVE Evacuation!

jfk airport evacuation

We are getting reports that a false-alarm bomb scare forced a massive evacuation at JFK Airport in New York this morning.

The threat forced the evacuation of the JetBlue terminal, which eventually reopened to passengers, and came amid the increased security following yesterday’s terror attack at Istanbul’s airport.

From New York Daily News:

The JetBlue terminal at Kennedy Airport was briefly evacuated Wednesday morning, amid heightened security in the wake of the bombing of Istanbul’s airport.

“Jfk Terminal 5 blocked off all of sudden,” Carolina Huaranca tweeted. “Police telling folks to leave.”

A Port Authority spokesman said a suspicious package was found inside the terminal about 8:30 a.m. The terminal was evacuated — and all surrounding roads were shut down — after a Homeland Security K-9 dog trained in sniffing out bomb-making materials got a bad read from the item, a law enforcement source said.

A dispatched NYPD Bomb Squad determined that the contents in the bag were not explosives.

The terminal was reopened about 9:30 a.m., sources said.

At least 41 people were killed in the Tuesday terror attack on Istanbul’s airport, including 13 foreigners who hailed from China, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries, officials said.

Security was immediately heightened at New York airports and around the world.

“What’s the hell wrong with this world!” Mark Greensword tweeted Wednesday morning. “Bomb scare at JFK and as such my son travelling as unaccompanied minor get stuck.”

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  1. David says:

    someone please tell obammie we are not at war with radical islamist jihadists;; that way this will all go away; shooter at a military base; a sick red flag at JFK but not to worry our muslim / communist leader has it all under control.

  2. Mike says:

    Ban Bombs. Ban Airports!

    1. Juan Two Three says:

      UOU sound like a real Einstein, Mike! That’s exactly what YOUR current Muslim-In-Chief believes!