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Bomb Threat Reported At Major American Airport!


Peoria International Airport was shut down for about three hours today after a suspicious package was found in checked baggage, specifically materials that resembled a bomb.

From CBS:

Peoria International Airport was reopening Thursday morning, after it was shut down for about three hours when a suspicious package was found in checked baggage.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mike McCarthy said, around 6:30 a.m., security personnel discovered a suspicious item in checked baggage, and evacuated the area while police responded to the scene.

Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy said an X-ray found the package contained bottles of liquid, wires, sticks labeled “dynamite,” and a timing device. The woman who had dropped it off told authorities it was a training device.

McCarthy said authorities eventually determined it was not a bomb.

The Peoria County Sheriff’s office said the all clear was given by about 9:45 a.m., and normal operations were resuming.

The woman was being questioned by the sheriff’s office and the FBI.

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