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Bombshell: Obama Knew Location of American Hostages, Did Nothing

New reports indicate that President Obama had specific intelligence that could have led to the rescue of several American hostages held by the Islamic State.

Several of those same hostages have been beheaded by the terrorist organization, and most recently Kayla Mueller was killed in captivity.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge is reporting that the White House had information that could have saved these hostages – including their exact locations!

Via the Right Scoop:

Catherine Herridge is reporting on Fox News that last year in May of 2014, Obama had a chance to rescue the American hostages but refused to act in a timely manner even though they knew exactly where the hostages were being held. Seven weeks later, when Obama finally okayed the mission, the hostages were gone.

Watch her report below…

Fox News reported:

By late May, specific intelligence had emerged on the hostage’s likely location — including a building, sources say.  The intelligence was described to Fox News as “strong,” “specific” and “perishable” — but the White House did not sign off on the rescue operation until much later.

Reports surfaced last summer indicating that President Obama also delayed a rescue of American journalist James Foley, because he was too busy golfing and worrying over his image had the mission failed.

When video was released by the Islamic State showing Foley’s beheading and the President made remarks concerning the American, Obama wasted little time in finally making a decisive move – choosing his tee time just minutes later.

Share your thoughts – Would you have more respect for the President if he launched a rescue mission and failed, or if he did nothing at all?