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BOOM! Dick Cheney Just HAMMERED Obama Over Iran Nuclear Deal! (VIDEO)


Former Vice-President Dick Cheney couldn’t reign in his disdain for the President’s nuclear pact with Iran, asking viewers during an interview with Sean Hannity, “What the hell is the president thinking of when he thinks this is a great deal?”

Cheney insists that he has no idea what Obama is thinking, and he has yet to meet anybody that can explain it to him.

Via Business Insider:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney passionately denounced the Iran nuclear deal in a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night.

After Hannity asked Cheney why President Barack Obama wants the agreement, the former vice president bluntly said that he didn’t know.

“You asked the key question, Sean. And that is: What the hell is the president thinking of when he thinks this is a great deal? And I frankly simply do not understand. I haven’t met anyone who can explain it to me,” he said.

Cheney went on to accuse President Obama of flat-out lying when he claimed that the Iran deal ‘stopped the proliferation of nuclear weapons.’

“That’s a lie,” Cheney claimed. “The fact of the matter is the situation we’ve got, when Iran ends up with a nuclear weapon, that is bound to lead to others in the region to protect themselves.”

He said Obama’s ‘legacy’ deal had just “put us closer to the actual use of nuclear weapons than we’ve been at any time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.”

Cheney says Obama’s desire to bargain and make concessions with the Iranians have left him shaking his head.

The rest of America is right there with you, Mr. Cheney.

Here is the interview (relevant portion begins at 2:56):

Cheney finished by saying Obama “is not a man of his word, he’s not a man who can be trusted.”

Something the American people, and the Israeli people, know all too well.

Comment – Do you agree that Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal has put us closer to the reality of nuclear war?