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BOOM! Former High School Drop Out SCHOOLS His History Teacher For THIS!

Here’s a novel concept: a student who WANTS to be taught.

A high school student in Duncanville, Texas has gained a lot of attention for a video a student took of him during World History class. Jeff Bliss is a former high school drop out who came to learn the value of an education during his time away from school. That’s why he became so enraged when he was kicked out of class by a teacher he felt was doing nothing to inspire his fellow classmates.

Watch the epic rant Bliss delivers his teacher below:

Unbeknownst to Bliss, this reverse schooling of his teacher was being filmed by another student. When the video was uploaded to the internet, it was an instant sensation. The local ABC news affiliate caught up with him to find out why he felt so impassioned about his instructor’s poor teaching:

It’s rare in today’s Common Core classroom to see a student whose taste for learning hasn’t been beaten right out of him.

Do you applaud this young man for wanting to be inspired in the classroom so fiercely?

H/T: Youtube