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Boom! Ted Cruz Just Scored A Major Endorsement Days Before South Carolina!


With just three days before the all-important South Carolina primary, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is locked in a heated battle with billionaire Donald Trump for first place in the Palmetto State.

While Trump currently holds a solid lead in both South Carolina and nationally, Cruz has just secured the coveted endorsement of famed economist Thomas Sowell because of his steadfast opposition to Obama naming a successor to the Supreme Court to replace Antonin Scalia.

In an article published forĀ Real Clear Politics, Sowell outlines the importance of maintaining the 5-4 balance on the Court:

The vacancy created on the Supreme Court makes painfully clear the huge stakes involved when we choose a President of the United States, just one of whose many powers is the power to nominate justices of the Supreme Court.

Justice Scalia’s passing would be a great loss at any time. But at this crucial juncture in the history of the nation — with 5-to-4 Supreme Court decisions determining what kind of country America will be — Scalia’s death can be catastrophic in its consequences, depending on who is chosen to be his successor.

While Sowell admits he has been a critic of Cruz in the past, he understands that given Scalia’s tragic death, the Texas Senator is the only man he can support for president:

If the Republicans are to avoid having Donald Trump lead them — and the country — to disaster, they are going to have to have the majority of non-Trump supporters get behind some given candidate.

Senator Ted Cruz has been criticized in this column before, and will undoubtedly be criticized here again. But we can only make our choices among those actually available, and Senator Cruz is the one who comes to mind when depth and steadfastness come to mind.

As someone who once clerked for a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he will know how important choosing Justice Scalia’s replacement will be. And he has the intellect to understand much more.

Do you think Sowell’s endorsement of Cruz will help tip the scales in his favor or is Trump unstoppable in the Republican primary? Share your thoughts below!!

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