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Boom! Watch This Conservative Woman Take On A Black Lives Matter Hack

Black Lives Matter

You might remember the recent story of Officer Ben Fields, who was fired after video emerged of him manhandling a disruptive pupil who had refused his order to leave the classroom at her South Carolina school.

Well, two South Carolina commentators sure remembered it, and they nearly came to blows while discussing it during an appearing on a local Fox affiliate station.

On the one side of the debate was conservative Angela Box, and on the other was Black Lives Matter activist Quanell X, who grew enraged when Box alleged it was “black culture” which was the root problem in schools and not Officer Fields’ behavior.

And it all went downhill from there:

Quanell wanted to¬†address the spate of mass shooting perpetrated by while males, while Box accused her opponent of having a “chip” on his shoulder.

Sadly, the debate produced more heat than light, but it was compelling viewing nonetheless.

Who do you think emerged the victor in this heated debate? Let us know below:

H/T: London Mail