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Here’s The Video: Fox News Analyst Called Obama THIS On Live TV!

Fox News

Sometimes, you just can’t hold back … especially when your Commander-in-Chief seems to be counting down the days to his retirement, hanging with his Hollywood buddies while there is a war against¬†our way of life being waged against us.

So step forward Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a Fox News military analyst. Asked to respond to the speech/crabby lecture Obama delivered to the nation Sunday night, in which he scolded the American people for not being as smart and progressive as himself, Peters had this to say:

This video is now going viral online. Many on the right are cheering Peters along, as they share his exasperation with a President who seems more comfortable lecturing Americans than keeping them safe. But others say a potty-mouth has no place on daytime TV.

What do you think? Did Colonel Peters cross a line, or was he simply expressing the outrage many Americans are feeling? Let us know below.